Saturday, April 5, 2008

Program Motivasi di UiTM

Asalamualaikum bertemu kita lagi hari utk satu perkongsian

Baru nih k-UiTM telah mengadakan progm motivasi di UiTM…Alhamdullilah progam berjalan lancar seperti yg dirancang.Penceramah kali ini telah dijemput khas daripada Johor.Beliau adalah Ir. Hj Abdul Manaf b Ismail atau nama gelaran Pak Long.Beliau telah menubuhkan pusat training sendiri iaitu Kersani Training Centre.

Program bermula 9.00am sampai 12tghari.Sory tukar bahasa inggeris plak..

The motivation program will focus more about exam because study week was started. So our objective is to build the motivation in each student to face the final exam.And also ) to make the UiTM (especially karisama) motivated and ready to face the examination with flying colours

Program started a talked by paklong with full of spirit.He said be a big people not a dot people.

big people is someone who want to be a global champion and not only a champion.

big people always want to be a leader. Where as dot people encourages people to be a leader

big people see solutions in every problems. dot people see problems in every solutions.

big people be on time in the airport. dot people questions why the aeroplane left without me.

and many more. actually big people who are always things positive......and dot people always think negative.....which one are we.

Paklong also remind us to not raise voice to our mom. he remind us what mom have sacrifice for us. their kindness, sacrificed and loves is uncountable. when you want to raise your voice, to sigh because she asks you to do something remember how hard she has given you a life in this world the minute you are born to see this world.

Paklong also tell us a story about "everything happen for the good". funny one but......everything happen for good. I remember an ayah from the Quran, (Baqarah:216) :

Bismillahirrahmanirrahim, In the name of ALLAH the almighty:
You might not happy with something, but it good for you. and you might like something but it is not good for you ALLAH knows, where as you don't know.

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